Individual Scores


All Time Individual Low Scores



18 Holes 


Score            Name                                    Course                                  Year

68                    Seamus O’Donnell      Fox Creek (JV)                         2006

69                    Blake Furgerson          Fairway Pines                          2004

                        John Burke                  Legend Lakes                          2006

                        John Burke                  Punderson                               2007

70                    John Burke                  Fowlers Mill                            2007

                        Zac Champa                Medina CC                              2010     

71                    Blake Furgerson          Forest Hills                              2003

                        Mike Gray                   Hiawatha                                 2003

                        Blake Furgerson          Punderson                               2003

                        Blake Furgerson          Wooster CC                             2004

                        John Burke                  Punderson                               2006

                        John Burke                  Sweetbriar                              2006   

                        Kellen Erdman             Sweetbriar                              2006

72                    Blake Furgerson          Chippewa                                2002

                        Blake Furgerson          Pine Hills                                 2002

                        Blake Furgerson          Hiawatha                                 2003

                       Blake Furgerson         AshlandCC                              2004

                      John Burke                  Good Park                               2006

                      Kellen Erdman            Sweetbriar                              2006

                      Mike Hartnett            Sweetbriar                              2006

                    Ian Erdman                 Punderson (JV)                        2006

                   John Burke                  FW No Canton                         2007

                    Mike Hartnett             Sweetbriar                              2007

                   Brian Bir                     Legend Lakes                         

73                    Blake Furgerson          Hiawatha                                 2002

                        Blake Furgerson          Fairway Pines                          2002

                        Ryan Duda                   Chippewa                                2002

                        Jon Pakkala                 Forest Hills                              2002

                        Blake Furgerson          Fairway Pines                          2003

                        Blake Furgerson          Punderson                               2003

                        Blake Furgerson          Pine Hills                                 2004   

                        Blake Furgerson         ToledoCC                                2004

                        Blake Furgerson          Legend Lakes                          2004

                        Blake Furgerson          Clover Valley                           2004

                        Pat Riley                      Fairway Pines                          2004

                        Kellen Erdman             Sweetbriar                              2005

                        Kellen Erdman                        Sweetbriar                              2006

                        Kellen Erdman                        Good Park                               2006

                        John Burke                  Fairlawn CC                             2006

                        Mike Hartnett FW       No Canton                               2007

                        Mike Hartnett             Legend Lakes                          2007

                        Zac Champa               Punderson                              2010


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